Cinematic Documentary: We like to adapt our style to what fits your particular wedding best. However there are some general principles we try to preserve for each wedding film we produce. Such as:

  1. Maintain a documentary shooting style – We try to stay out of the way (and out of sight) as much as possible throughout your wedding day. We won’t direct you how to pose, what to say, or when to smile. Instead, we aim to capture you kissing your spouse between photography poses, hearing you whisper your wedding vows between tears, and laughing during your best man’s toast at your reception. Sometimes capturing these moments takes some advance planning specific to your wedding (i.e. attending wedding rehearsal at your Church). Other times it’s a matter of adapting to the situation as it develops and making the most of it (i.e. your best man opted to give his speech at your table instead of at the designated spot on your dance floor – we had a camera ready in each location). Read more about equipment selection specifics below.
  2. Blend cinematic detail and action shots – You can have the best documentary shooter in the world film your wedding but if he’s focused entirely on capturing you exclusively, your overall end product will be incomplete. Throughout the course of your wedding day, we are constantly scrutinizing your venue(s) for detail shots we can film that are meaningful and representative to you. By having two shooters throughout your day (more on this below), we are able to have one shooter remain with you while the other is filming these little details. It is the subtle blend of the action shot (i.e. you touching up make-up) with the detail shot (i.e. your grandmother’s ring on a white table cloth) that make your edited film representative of your wedding day.
  3. Your choice in level of involvement with edit process – After gathering the logistics of your wedding, we discuss how you envision your final wedding film. You can be specific with certain shots you know you’ll want (i.e. first meet with Wrigley building in background) or music you want us to edit with or you can leave it entirely up to us.