Although the music industry has changed a lot in recent years by allowing for more popular streaming options, it still has a long way to go before its possible to use all music how we would like to.

We have spent a lot of time researching the different options available and feel confident about our specific options as being very good for what’s currently available. However we know there is still a very large amount of songs and artists that are not there.

Our apologies if one of your preferred songs/artists happens to be one of these, but please let us know if so – and ideally which one(s) they are. Although we probably will not be able to work out special circumstances to use it, we will try our best to find something similar in style/pacing to it.

We know your song(s) may be easily available for “purchase” via sites like iTunes or Amazon mp3’s for $0.99 but this does NOT mean it can be used with your wedding film(s). Any person/company that claims they can is doing so illegally and can face severe fines if discovered. In order to use your songs with your wedding film(s) legally, we need to be able to purchase a “perpetual streaming license” for the songs. From the two sites we use, streaming licenses for wedding usage is usually in the $30-$50 per song range and the cost IS included in your wedding film package.

You’re of course welcome to browse around for other music licensing sources and even contact the artist(s) directly if you like (we have had situations were special licensing has been approved). Otherwise please submit general/specific music guidelines as part of our style worksheet and we’ll make every effort to find a good match between the songs you like and what fits well with your footage.

I hope the above makes sense and is helpful to you but please do not hesitate to contact us if you have ANY further questions/concerns/special situations. Thanks for your time!