A videographer was one of those things that i didn’t think i wanted for my wedding. Perhaps it was years of big cameras blocking the aisle and bright lights shining in my eyes at receptions that made me cringe at the thought. I was against video until a co-worker mentioned that she couldn’t wait to see hers, b/c she couldn’t remember a thing from her wedding day. i heard this and panicked – and immediately began the hunt for a videographer.

I stumbled upon John and Smiling Toad Productions online, and choosing to work with him definitely was the right decision. Here are some pros:

– John was great to work with and the price was right for us. His package prices were reasonable and included two cameras at our wedding and reception (many vendors offer just one for the same price)

– the cameras they used were basically Nikon cameras with HD video. Nothing like a typical video camera with giant bright lights which was a relief

– The cameraman who traveled around with the bridal party for pictures (his name escapes me – Fernando i think??) was great. He was soft-spoken and kept to himself, but was willing to get adventurous with us for our “around the city” pics (onto the L platform, running across Michigan Ave, etc.). I didn’t even notice him or John at the wedding or the reception.

– John was very responsive during email correspondence

– The best part was the end result. We absolutely love our video and have watched it at least 50 times already. We were able to provide songs of our choice, and John did a great job of editing everything together along with photos from our photographer.

Overall, we were very pleased with our decision and would recommend Smiling Toad Productions. And if you are on the fence about whether or not to have video, do it. you won’t regret it!

-Elizabeth and Andrew