Nothing I can say about Smiling Toad (positively) that hasn’t already been said. I wasn’t sold on the idea of a videographer at first, but my wife insisted she’d found a great company to work with. After dealing with STP, I think she chose well. They’re great, they’re professional, they’re worth paying for. Our contact, John, catered to our tastes — more documentary style… you know, Werner Herzog but without the existential doom — and made us feel really heard when we told him what we were sure would and wouldn’t work for our preparation time, ceremony and huge wedding reception. He customized a great package for us, and was very flexible with pricing/payment options. He rolled with last-minute changes like the superstar he is. We had a few “no-no’s,” and he and his team respected them, and took control of the evening like a champ! The company itself was very easy to work with and had great customer service.

The material they shot was excellent. Do I wish they had gotten some shots they didn’t? Sure. They missed a few things… but then again, they got some shots I never would have imagined. I also wish I would have asked them to stay for longer (our wedding toasts ran long, etc.) and they ended up having to pack up before they got enough of the dancing filmed for my wife’s liking. But they were spot-on for so many other things that I guess it all balances out.

On a personal note, my father-in-law had a stroke the week after the wedding. During the six weeks he spent in ICU/hospital it was wonderfully comforting for my wife to have that video of her father. The wedding goes by so fast. Trust us: Spend the cash and you’ll have the best memory of the best day of your life.

-Sarah and Matt